Massage Treatments


Signature Thai Oil Relaxation Massage is one of our most popular treatments, and is known for it’s gentle, flowing movements, somewhere between Swedish massage and Lomi Lomi, creating an incredible sense of peace and tranquility. Don’t be surprised or worried if you should drift off to sleep during this luxurious treatment as this is completely normal!


As with all Thai therapies, there is an intuitive focus on balancing the body’s energy, and the Signature Thai Oil Relaxation Massage is no exception.


In the hands of our qualified therapists, this treatment will leave you feeling peaceful and tranquil, on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Experience the sublime benefits of this treatment, to understand why our customers keep coming back for more!

Deep Tissue














Deep Tissue Massage is a perfect choice for those seeking to release tension, tightness or soreness stored in the muscles.


Deep Tissue Massage is an overall massage to the deeper layers of soft tissue and should be a relaxing, therapeutic experience. It is often misconceived as a ‘painful’ treatment however at Miracle Workers, your therapist will work with a pressure that is comfortable whilst achieving the outcome of tension release.


At Miracle Workers, our qualified therapists are experienced at working with all fitness levels and requirements. From finely tuned athletes, through to clients seeking to rehabilitate or restore muscle tone to areas that have been strained or injured.


Whether it is a once off treatment for a specific problem that you seek, or a full treatment plan involving a team of therapists to achieve a particular outcome, talk to our knowledgeable and friendly team, to discuss your needs.


Remedial massage, along with Deep Tissue massage or Sports massage, are perfect choices for relieving knots, tension, tightness or problem areas in the body, that may be caused by a sedentary lifestyle, excessive use of technology, or generally poor posture.


Remedial massage seeks to stimulate the blood supply, make joints more mobile, and help to repair damaged tissue. Your Remedial massage treatment commences with an assessment of your muscle tone, texture and structure, along with the ligaments, tendons and posture.


The therapist will then aim to balance the length, tone and tension of muscles and tendons, which restores the correct position of the bones, increases blood flow and helps to heal injuries. Deep Tissue Massage is usually incorporated into a Remedial Treatment, as required.


Clients who experience chronic lower back pain, neck pain, persistent headaches, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and other tightness in the muscles often, see great benefits from a Remedial massage treatment.


If you have specific training requirements or are working with a team of therapists to achieve a set goal, talk to our knowledgeable and friendly team to discuss how we can help.

Remedial massage seeks to stimulate the

Traditional Thai

This is a fantastic therapy that aligns the body and energy, releases tightness in the muscles, builds flexibility, and flow of movement, within the body. Traditional Thai Massage is a soothing therapy that helps to balance the body and energy, release tightness in the muscles and build flexibility and flow of movement within the body.


Originating in India over 2,500 years ago, and by Djivaka Kumar Bhaka, personal doctor and close friend of Buddha. The practice really took hold in Thailand, and was considered so beneficial, that it was incorporated into the country’s health system.


This treatment involves slow, firm, rhythmic movements to balance your Sen (energy lines) and incorporates the body’s trigger points, body walking, massage, and yoga-like stretching.

Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is a fantastic treatment for those who are on their feet all day long, or anyone who is experiencing poor circulation or lethargy. It is a treatment that has a calming quality, that allows you to relax and unwind from the daily stresses of life.


Reflexology is the practice of applying gentle massage techniques and pressure, to specific trigger points on the feet, and is based on the theory that these points are connected to certain organs and body systems.


The aim of this treatment is to encourage the balance and improved health of individual organs and systems within the body, leaving you with a sense centered energy and improved wellbeing.


After a thorough assessment of your needs, your qualified therapist will stimulate certain trigger points on the foot to help increase energy levels, stimulate the central nervous system and to improve circulation.


This treatment will help to increase your energy levels, improve circulation, nurture your central nervous system, prevent migraines, clear urinary infections, help alleviate sleeping disorders, and, in some instances even help lift depression.


Speak to our friendly team of qualified specialists today, to see if this treatment is the right one for you!


Pregnancy Massage focuses on areas that are specific to the needs of expectant mothers. In consultation with you, your qualified therapist will work to release tension gathered in areas most affected, such as the groin, back and feet.


Our experienced therapists will guide you into a position that maximises your comfort, often on the side with pillows to support the whole body and growing baby, to administer this soothing and effective treatment!


Upon request, your therapist may also incorporate gentle deep tissue massage, particularly to your legs and feet which will carry a lot more pressure than usual. You will adore the extra attention and the relief that this treatment provides, so please talk to your friendly therapist if you would like to include this in your treatment!


Please note this treatment is only available for women who have passed their first trimester (ie from 13 weeks onwards). Please see our terms and conditions for more information or talk to our friendly staff to find out more.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage not only stimulates the vital functions of the skin, tissues and internal organs, but it also serves to eliminate cellular waste and stimulate the parasympathetic relaxation response, inhibiting muscle tonus and pain. Manual Lymphatic Drainage, is a highly specialised technique, designed to treat a range of injuries and pathologies associated with the lymphatic system.


This treatment aims to stimulate the circulation of lymph fluid around the body, which, in turn, helps to speed up the process of removal of waste and toxins, caused by a sluggish lymphatic system.


It is a gentle massage treatment, that can also be performed as a preventative measure to bolster the body’s ability to rejuvenate and resist all types of stress.


You will enjoy the benefits of this treatment well after you’ve left the clinic!

Indian Head

Today as a society we tend to spend much of our time ‘in our head’ or connected to all manner of devices. Accordingly, we are at risk of becoming over stimulated, overworked, over stressed, underappreciated and sleep deprived. Headaches or even eye strain from technology are often accepted as a part of our day to day lives but this doesn’t need to be the case.


Indian Head Massage, also known as Champi, is a treatment that was founded in India and passed down through generations of barbers. This treatment focuses on the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face, and may be administered to the client either seated or in a fully reclined position.


An Indian Head Massage will help with the release of toxins in the body, improve circulation and increase energy levels.

The final step in this treatment is a gentle face massage to provide relief from symptoms of sinusitis or headaches and encourages improved circulation and a glowing complexion.


This treatment is perfect for those experiencing restlessness and insomnia or showing symptoms of anxiety and depression, as it provides relief from stress and promotes relaxation and increased feelings of peace, calm and overall wellbeing.