Our Reiki Master Resume - Thais Miyadaira

Beginning her Reiki journey in 2011, Thais
 life took a profound turn when she faced a sudden kidnapping incident in 2012. Despite the fortunate outcome of the event, it sparked a transformative shift, making Reiki an integral part of her existence. By channelling the power of Reiki through dedicated meditation, she manifested countless dreams, using it as a means to infuse tranquillity and joy during moments when the mind clung to anguish. In 2017, she attained the status of Reiki master, going on to initiate over 200 students into the practice and mentoring 2 individuals to become masters themselves.


If you prefer the course individually $100 further will be applied.

Reiki Lectures with Thais - Member of Reiki Australia - Usui Shiki Ryoho method.

Reiki is a non-invasive and gentle Natural Healing System. Where the practitioner activates the Universal Life Energy. Reiki lectures are experiences and stories about the spiritual lineage, and whose personal and professional lives are committed to this healing art and the lifestyle it engenders. This is a gift of a lifetime, and students have the possibility of opening their lives to Reiki. All who practice Reiki through Usui Shiki Ryoho are life-long students. Reiki is a natural healing modality that is great for everyone.

First Degree (Syoden)

Within the class, a student receives the 4 initiations, listens to the history of Reiki, learns the hands positions for self-treatment and the treatment of others, and begins to discover ways to use Reiki in their daily lives and meditations. The main commitment is practising self-healing for 21 days consecutively, and after that the practice being a self-care routine. You can also treat, animal and plants.

Second Degree (Okuden)

Is the transformation. The class is given to students who have felt the calling to go further into the practice. This comes with a year or more of practice after the First Degree class. The practitioner now enhances the healing ability using the three sacred cosmic symbols. Also learn how to use the symbol for distance healing treatments. In this level, the practitioner enhances psychic abilities healing karmas, beliefs, traumas and emotional memories.

Third Degree

Master Symbol, Sensei Usui 21 Healing Techniques, how to build your healing room and lessons in combining Reiki with other modalities. The student experiences the final four attunements. Master Level Reiki is accompanied by a greater degree of power, as the flow of Reiki energy is increased to its maximum capacity. This level the practitioner mastered his own practice, being able to do initiations and attunements.

Fourth Degree

Reiki level empowers the Master healer to pass on Reiki attunement and how to teach the technique to others. With the completion of Level 3, the practitioner is now a Reiki Teacher. The mastery of the technique is the connection with your higher self and the treatment to multidimensional lives. On the Fourth Degree, the teacher receives from the Master all the guidance and material to teach.

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