The Power of ThetaHealing

ThetaHealing is a meditative technique developed by Vianna Stibal, a spiritual teacher and healer in 1995.

The purpose of this alternative therapy is to teach people to develop their natural intuition through changing the brain wave cycle to the more relaxed theta waves. With this, the intention is to identify how emotional energy is affecting an individual's health.

Limiting beliefs, repressed emotions, fears, traumas, and many other blockages in someone’s life can be identified through ThetaHealing. These feelings can impact the flow of spiritual energy of a person and limit its life.

The meditation technique allows the person to search for these blockages and connect to the highest source to release the subconscious beliefs on all four levels - core, genetic, past life, and soul.


Through an individual session with a ThetaHealing practitioner, it is possible to identify and energise your goals and aspirations in order to change programs that you might feel that are preventing you from achieving everything that you wish for.

Both the practitioner and the client can be taken to the theta level of brainwave activity through the ThetaHealing technique. The theta level is where a very deep state of relaxation occurs and during this state, the individual has easy access to the contents of their subconscious, becoming more connected to the life energy of the universe.

The basis processes used in Thetahealing are:

● Firstly, the certified practitioner sits directly opposite to the client and an energy testing is used to identify beliefs system, through muscle testing of the body.

● Then, meditation is performed to ground the energy.

● After, the practitioner or the client will enter into the conscious theta brainwave and travel energetically to the creative energy source in the universe.

● Next, the practitioner will give a command to the client in order to change subconscious beliefs, knowledge, feelings, or health state. Reminding that we have to be careful to use the appropriate positive phrasing.

● Lastly, the transformation of the subconscious is starting to take place.


There are many benefits coming from ThetaHealing sessions, from physical to emotional conditions. Some of the benefits are:

● Release repeating patterns that influence relationships

● Rebuild your creative potential

● Treat emotional problems and traumas

● Enhance your spiritual connection

● Heals physical illnesses

It is important to remind that the ThetaHealing session has no side effects. Besides, the feelings or symptoms should not get worse after a ThetaHealing session.

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