Magnified Healing® establishes a constant flow of energy from your heart to the Source, the All That Is, the Infinite Mind.

The link spirals and brings a deep state of grace pulsing forth from the Source, laying the very foundation for the Ascension process.


Magnified Healing® energy flows through the body of the client immediately releasing all misqualified energies and imbalances that are then sent to the Violet Fire for transmutation.

Magnified Healing® is a 5th dimensional frequency vibration healing energy and is a tool for the Ascension process because its focus is on the heart - Unconditional Spiritual Love and Compassion, we build our Light Body, we work with the Spiritual Hierarchy of Ascended Masters, and we are of service to others.

Magnified Healing® is used for distant healing, balancing of karma, building the Light Body, activating all the strands of DNA as well as healing the Earth. Magnified Healing® is really an Ascension Initiation.

It heals at all levels: physical, etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual. It also introduces the student to the Hierarchy (Melchizedek, Kwan Yin, Saint Germain, Buddha, Shekinah (The Presence of the Holy Spirit within you).

​The healing process has an inspiration in Kwan Yin, a Chinese goddess of mercy, compassion, and forgiveness. According to tradition, the technique only became popular around the 80’s.


Magnified Healing integrates the techniques of Reiki, Pranic and Theta healing techniques to provide a combined package of benefits.

The role of the practitioner is to initiate the healing process, after which, the natural healing process of the receiver starts expanding. The practitioner works as a channel of the healing process. Eventually, the assistance of the practitioner may or may not be needed.

This healing process allows clients to become more involved. They are not passive, yet demand for changes they wish to make, for example, removing their Karma blocks and the expansion of the threefold flame (love, power, and wisdom) for preparing their light body for ascension.


Develops intuitive skills

Boost awareness

Intensify creativity

Better mental and emotional stability

Promotes restfulness and sleep

Decreases pain and body ache

Helps to remove phobias and fears

Heals diseases

Reduces stress and anxiety

Better connection with one's own energy

At last, there are several voices from inside, which commands you. It may be negative or positive. A person becomes confused in listening to them, as to whether which voice weighs you down and which one wants to lift you up.

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