Massage Treatments


Massage Treatments

  • We believe that true relaxation and rejuvenation begin with the healing touch of expert massage therapy. Our skilled and caring massage therapists provide you with an unforgettable experience that nurtures both body and soul.

Remedial Massage
Focuses on specific issues, using trigger point techniques to release muscle knots, enhancing mobility and reducing discomfort.

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep pressure massage, targeting muscle knots and tension, improving circulation and relieving chronic pain.


Gentle massage to unwind and release stress, fostering relaxation of body and mind.

 Traditional Thai                                                                                         Ancient Thai practice involving stretches and pressure points, increasing flexibility and energy flow.                                                                                                                                                  Foot Reflexology                                               Applies pressure to specific points on feet/hands, corresponding to body areas, promoting relaxation and healing.


Tailored massage for expectant mothers, alleviating discomfort, reducing stress, and improving circulation.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage 
Light massage technique aiding lymphatic system function, reducing swelling, and enhancing detoxification.

Indian Head
Relaxing massage focusing on head, neck, and shoulders, relieving tension and enhancing mental clarity.

TMJ and Facial Release Treatment:
Addresses jaw and facial muscle tension, promoting relief and relaxation, and aiding overall well-being.

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